She's the author of the CVXI Trilogy. (You can find out a great deal more about her if you look in the past interview section.)

Anyhow this is the reason why I want to say thanks for the great honour.

Every now and again when talking to various writers I have heard something like, “Wouldn’t it be such a thing if you were on the tube and you saw someone reading your book.” Or perhaps you are visiting someone’s house and you see on their bookshelf a copy of your latest novel. I would imagine if this were to happen the feeling would be absolutely fantastic.

Now, this hasn’t happened to me, and let’s be realistic it probably won’t, but if it does, I can’t really see the feeling being anywhere near that as what I felt yesterday when I was quite happily sitting at the kitchen table reading, Desperate Measures by Angie Smith.

At about three-quarters of the way through the book I could not believe what I read, and believe me I nearly jumped out of my skin.

“I see you’ve stolen her Kindle.”
“She loaned it to me, besides, she won’t need it now. Anyhow, I’m reading Peter Best’s, The Burden of Truth. It’s an amazing book, you’d love it.”

To say I was stunned when those words leapt of the page at me, would be the understatement of the year without a doubt. With this, I want to say a big thank you to Angie Smith. I have never been so honoured in my life.

Okay, now let's talk a little about, The Burden of Truth.




Some of my thoughts whilst I was writing 

I'm not really sure how this entered my head, but many years ago I heard, or perhaps even read somewhere a passage that went something like this, ‘A novel should be just like a bottle of vintage wine. Not like a cheap everyday bottle you would buy in a supermarket, the type, once you drink, the taste and the memory disappears from your mouth as soon as the wine glass is empty. No, a book should be like the vintage wine. A wine which leaves a pleasant sensation that lingers in your head for a long, long time after you have taken the final sip.
‘To write a book, you must think of the vintage wine. Make the reader think of the sensation of the book for a some time after the cover is closed.’
As I said, I don’t know who said these wise words, but whoever it was I owe him, or her a great debt of gratitude. It was these words that gave me the inspiration to write the Burden of Truth in the way it was written.
From the very start, just after I sat down and decided to write this novel, I asked myself; what should be in a novel?
Of course, we writers always say. ‘A novel should have a compelling plot, interesting characters along with atmospheric settings. Throw in a bit of love and romance, and above all, don’t forget a worthwhile goal for the protagonist, but most of all; make it a page turner.’
So there I was, a few months later with a basic outline of how this novel should be written. All in all I was quite happy with this outline. Then, I said to myself proudly, and perhaps with a big head.
‘Okay, I have a story, a good story as a matter of fact.’ Then I remembered the bit about the vintage wine. I looked at the outline again. This time I was not so proud. I realised I had only produced a bottle of wine. Okay, It may be a wine that people will enjoy, but not a vintage. It needed more, an awful lot more.
I knew right at that time, I wanted people to read this book and think of its contents for a long time after putting the book back in the bookcase. What I didn't want was the reader to simply put it down and say, ‘Good book.’ then forget about it.
It took me a further year and a half to re-write the first draft copy. Even though it took me a long time, it was worth it in my eyes. It took me a further three and a half years to mould it into something like what it is today. Now I was taking steps closer to what I wanted from this experience, now I was starting to give this story a meaning behind it; to really make it worthwhile.
No doubt not everyone who has read this story, and of course those who have yet to go on to read it will think this book is anywhere near a glass of vintage wine. Some may think that it's more like a glass of vinegar, and I should say they may well be quite correct in saying that. Of course I hope not. However, just like most authors as well as readers, I am more than aware that everyone is as just as individual as the next, and for this reason there is no book in the world that everyone will find to his or her liking. 
Nevertheless, it's my solemn hope that some of you who do go on to read this story will enjoy the taste of the wine for a long time, whilst thinking of the message, as well as its meaning deep inside.
However, if you read this book and simply enjoy it for the story as it is. I guess I should be happy with that, and of course I will be.
The only thing I ask. If you do read this book. Please, before you put it back on your bookcase shelf,  just take a short moment, and reflect on it. Not just the plot and the characters as well as what has happened, but reflect on the deeper meaning within. If you do, then you will have made this author very happy.

Whenever someone finds out that I have written a book the obvious question is.... Well, What is the story about? 

Obviously I don't want to give any of the plot away by going into detail. However, here's a general idea what this novel is about.

​The Burden of Truth, a is a sort of suspense thriller that follows the thoughts and actions of a young egocentric man named Brent Sandler. The story begins when Brent comes very close to losing his life on The Herald of Free Enterprise disaster back in 1987. After the disaster, he gives a great deal of thought into what he has done with his life, and he is not happy with the outcome of theses thoughts. After this reflection on his life and his past actions, he realises he is wasting his young life. It's at this point he makes the decision to live life to the full. The question is... How?
In simple terms, this story shows how Brent acts after this disaster, and how he goes about trying to change his life for the better. The problem is, Brent finds changing his life, and trying to live life to the full needs one thing. Cash, and a lot of it!
As the story moves on, it shows how Brent tries to overcome many problems in his pursuit for this fulfilling life. As mentioned at the start, this book is a suspense thriller. There is a lot of action, adventure as well as romance within the story. It also shows how Brent collects many friends as well as enemies on his journeys. It also shows how he is unconsciously manipulated by two completely different but equally enigmatic young ladies. It also entwines the stories of many other characters, good and bad who enter the plot as the story progresses to Brent's final goal.

In addition to all of this, the story is written in a way to try and capture the atmosphere of many very different settings featured throughout the novel. However it can be said that the novel is set mainly in two locations; London and Bodhgaya India. As some of the story is set in Bodhgaya, the place where the Buddha gained enlightenment, some of the novel does deal with some issues on Buddhism. Nevertheless it should be mentioned that the story as a whole cannot claim to be about Buddhism, or even the teachings of the Buddha. However look close and you may see a Buddhist message written between the lines.
This leads onto the next bit about what The Burden of Truth is about. There is a lot that happens in the book. It has been written in a way to keep the reader guessing what is going to happen next. There are many unexpected twists and turns, and more than a handful of surprises from the start of chapter one, all the way through to the last bit of the epilogue. 

The Burden of Truth

By others. 

If by some chance you have been searching for the novel The Burden of Truth by some other author and landed here, please accept my apologises. However, if you click the link below you will be directed to Amazon. com. Hopefully from here, you will be able to carry out a search for the Burden of Truth novel you require. Best wishes.


The Burden of Truth.

On a cold day in March 1987,egocentric Brent Sandler makes the decision to change his life for the better.  Years later he’s still not happy with his lot, but not for the want of trying. He has hit rock bottom, penniless, and in deep trouble. But little does he know his troubles are only starting as he discovers an awful tragedy unfolding. The problem is, he knows this tragedy is all down to him and his past actions. Now he is determined to put things right.

Meanwhile in Bodhgaya India, Peter Canon has just made a discovery that will change his life forever. Like Brent, he must come to terms with his very own guilty secret of the past. Not only this, his life is also going to take a turn for worse, as the woman he loves is slowly hunting him down. And when she finds him; questions will be asked!

The Burden of Truth is the story of how these two men are pulled apart, and then drawn together as each man tries to fulfill his own quest to do the right thing. But they are soon to find out this quest is thwart with passion, love, a crazed Italian gangster, a stolen Buddha, emotions, as well as lesson in karma.